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The Dark November Nights: Stay Safe!

Do you feel uneasy or worried about your safety at work? You're not alone. A survey of over 500 couriers and delivery drivers in the UK found over one-third (35%) feel at risk when working alone, particularly at night or in remote areas.

The pandemic has highlighted the necessity of couriers and delivery driver jobs worldwide, with many individuals relying on food and other essentials to be delivered to their door. In fact, global Google searches for "food delivery” reached a record high in April 2020, and consumer attitudes towards how they order and receive goods may be forever transformed. Although national lockdowns and restrictions have eased, the importance of delivery drivers and couriers and the need for improved driver safety hasn’t taken a back seat. During the pandemic, the delivery industry rapidly evolved to meet changing economic conditions and heightened consumer demand. This suggests the sector should be progressive and innovative enough to provide greater protection to drivers.

As a driver, you likely already take basic precautions to help protect yourself, including following your employer’s general protocols, locking your doors, changing your routes, and staying connected. With smartphone technology, you can expand your connection beyond your employer or loved ones and engage with other drivers. The benefit of using the DALUS app is you can socialise and help your community of fellow drivers, even when working unsociable hours.

How many times have you circled an area late at night, squinting against the darkness trying to find an address? Or perhaps you’ve nearly reached the right location, only to discover your vehicle isn’t suitable for a road along the route? As delivery drivers, we keep the country moving, but sometimes we find ourselves stuck, lost, and at least a little late. To combat the severe pressure to complete deliveries quickly, we have developed a seamless navigational experience that locates any address, no matter how dark, difficult, or rural the setting. DALUS has been co-designed by real delivery drivers using crowd-sourced mapping and up-to-date feedback from other fellow drivers.

Considering the frequent police reports and news headlines detailing the abuse and attacks on delivery drivers and couriers throughout the UK, it is no surprise so many of us have reported feeling unsafe at work. Access to better working conditions is necessary, and employers need to take responsibility to facilitate this. A culture shift is required within the industry to shift focus from profits to driver safety, which can be achieved through adaptive technologies that put people first.

With DALUS you can safely navigate routes across the country, even in remote areas or during dark nights. Most importantly, DALUS will help you reach your destination safely and on time.

You can read more about how DALUS works here. Download the app and get started today.

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Stay safe out there,

Spencer Taylor

CEO at DALUS Technologies Ltd